Less Rain – Case studies


Less Rain are one of the top 100 digital agencies in the world. I worked with them to re-write all copy for their case studies on their new showcase website.

As an overall theme I worked with the concept that Less Rain don’t just build websites, they build engaging online destinations.

The site was officially launched during a live broadcast on the FWA – the world leader in recognising cutting edge web design.

Copywriting, editing, proofing and copy polishing for web and print

2 weeks. Completed in 2011

Project and technical information for ten case studies. Example copy below:

Land of Me
Explore the Land of Me, an interactive adventure through wood, lake, glen and cave with Buddy Boo and his friends. Built as a downloadable desktop app as well as a DVD-Rom, with in-app purchases to expand children’s learning horizons further, this new, fantastical world actively encourages children and adults to play together.

The Land of Me is being distributed by Ladybird and is currently expanding to various platforms, including the iPad and the Blackberry Playbook.

Dom Pérignon
Embark upon a mystery tour with domperignon.com and uncover the legends and tales of different vintages over the years.

Built to reflect the true spirit and experience of Dom Pérignon champagne, this refined site encourages exploration and brings a feeling of luxury. Three alternative methods of navigation have been built into the site, catering for different guest’s preferences.

Less Rain’s Flash development brought to life TBWA’s designs resulting in a polished, intuitive website.

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